Who stands with you?

Updated 28 Nov 2012 — WE WON! Click here for more information.

Opposition to President Obama’s health care exchanges is growing in Arizona.  AFP-AZ created a pledge so we can all learn who’s standing with patients and who’s standing with Obama’s bureaucrats.  Creating an exchange in Arizona won’t give us any control over our decisions.  Everything is going to be controlled from Washington.

Click here to urge your state legislators to sign the pledge and stand up for health care freedom.

Click here to download the pledge!


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  1. Joan Jacobson

    Instead of improving the best Health Care system in the world, Obamacare will destroy it!

    • Jorge

      On top of a mandated 21.5 pcreent Medicare cut that all physicians face in 2010, some specialists face an additional 11-15 pcreent cut in Medicare reimbursement in 2010 due to the use of flawed data.Congress has been playing games with physicians for years always threatening to allow draconian cuts in Medicare reimbursement only to come in at the last minute and “save” physicians by cancelling the devastating cuts (while effectively negating any chance of meaningful and needed increases in reimbursement). Meanwhile the cost of practicing continues to increase due to ever increasing regulation. Physicians understand that all segments of the economy are hurting but at some point they will be losing money seeing Medicare patients. A reasonable increase in reimbursement is needed. However this correction of the Medicare payment system and Medical liability reform should not be used as bribes for physician support of the government sponsored healthcare program. That is politics at it’s worst. How does this effect the patient? It will be harder for them to find doctors that will accept new Medicare patients. A 2008 survey by the Texas Medical Association found that while 58 pcreent of the state’s doctors took new Medicare patients, only 38 pcreent of primary care doctors did.

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  3. lyn

    I am appalled that so few of Arizona state representatives have not signed this pledge.
    What is going on here?

    • Vaughn

      Hi Hank, I work for a IPA in Southern California and you are right that Primary Care doctors are hanivg a very hard time staying in the black. Many battles go back and forth in the managed care world on who follows and manages routine care for older patients. Primary Care doctors are constantly pushing patients to the specialists to manage things that they can’t make enough money to survive with there schedules full of preventive care and management of things like CHF, Hypertension and diabetes. Currently there is no system in place in managed care to cater to these patients. It needs to be integrated somehow in the ACO’s or through a midlevel provider network to keep cost reasonable.


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