Who Stands with You in Pennsylvania?

Opposition to President Obama’s health care exchanges is growing in Pennsylvania.  AFP-PA created a pledge so we can all learn who’s standing with patients and who’s standing with Obama’s bureaucrats.  Creating an exchange won’t give us any control over our decisions.  Everything is going to be controlled from Washington.

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  1. Sharon Hilferty

    Don’t make the drastic changes to our healthcare that Obama wants to implement, please. It destroys what makes us great.

  2. Ignatius Turchi

    The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help. Ronald Reagan

    Abolish the iPAB (death panels)

  3. Mary Micco

    I am particularly opposed to being forced to pay for free contraceptives, abortionfacients and sterilization. None of these can be considered health services…rather they kill our children and endanger our mothers.

    • Amanda

      In the longer term, there’s also the qusotien of test availability. Several months ago, I heard a commentator (IIRC, Mark Steyn) make the claim that there are more MRI machines in one American city (IIRC, Philadelphia) than in all of Canada. MRI machines are expensive and so are the operators. I don’t know if the claim is true but it does give me pause.Under government run health care, one way to lower costs is to cut back on the availability of expensive technology like CT machines, MRIs, and perhaps even better mammogram technology. As existing machines become unsupportable, they may not be replaced. That becomes a defacto means of rationing health care.

  4. Connie

    Repeal the entire Obamacare. Why destroy our healthcare for 30million people. We have 310 millions citizens and the 99% of them do not want this healthcare. Fix the healthcare to help those without it. Keep illegals out of the country using our hospitals, public schools. The illegals are destroying our healthcare, hospitals, public schools, job prospects.
    Vote against healthcare exchanges!

    • Piyussh

      In short, no.If you go to an emergency room, it is feaedrl law that you receive care if your condition warrants such care. If you have a cold, you can be redirected to another site, but if you have a life-threatening condition, you will receive care.Two cases: You are in a car accident and require immediate surgery or you will die. You will receive care. You find out you have cancer and require chemo, most likely you will not receive care if you cannot pay as the condition is not immediately life threatening.The question is not whether you can receive treatment but who will bear the cost of the treatment.

  5. Thomas Berquist

    I have been fighting with Casey Jr. since day one on this dangerous law. The real intent of this legislation is to further control our lives. Hopefully the Supreme Court will strike down the ENTIRE toxic mess but if not please contact your reps to oppose setting up these exchanges.
    Obama has already tried to intimidate the Supreme court and Seniors. DON’T BELIEVE HIM!

  6. Saira

    anyone can get emergency care at ltlite or no cost at the ER if needed BUT see the thing is if you know anything about medicine emergency treatment is often much too late to fix many problems problems that are simply solved with preventive treatment at a low cost, often turn into very expensive and nearly unsolvable problems by the time they reach the emergency level and the other thing that you CLEARLY are blind to have you seen how much they CHARGE in emergency rooms AND JUST WHO EXACTLY DO YOU THINK IS PAYING FOR THAT NOW?basically the way the system is set up now for those without insurance we are giving them THE MOST expensive care, that will help many of them the LEAST at the greatest amount of cost and those bills for ER care don’t disappear the hospitals raise their rates to make up for it and you and I pay for it through our insurance the NO. 1 problem health organizations have with U.S. health care is the TOTAL lack of preventive care for those that don’t have insurance so the issue really is how do you WANT to pay for it do you want to pay for it the most expensive, often least helpful way, like we have now?or do we want to work on fixing the problem? there are many possible solutions, but either way, we’re going to pay for it


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