Politico: Right winning war on state health-insurance exchanges

Americans for Prosperity, which is trying to fight off exchanges in eight states. These efforts are mostly kept in-house, without help from outside groups.

“We work with the policy shop in D.C. a lot to make sure we’re on top of the 644 pages” of final exchanges rules, said Teresa Oelke, director of AFP’s Arkansas chapter. “I think that is the largest point against the exchanges. We’re signing up for a program that we’ll have to pay for by January 2015, but the federal government has control of every single decision.”

The approach of these national organizations has reflected sophisticated lobbying know-how, suggested Alabama Republican state Rep. Greg Wren, who is co-chairman of the National Conference of State Legislatures Federal Health Reform Implementation task force. Though an ALEC member, Wren is one of the main Republican voices arguing that lawmakers who opt for doing nothing and open the door to a federal exchange are putting their state sovereignty at risk.

“They’ve targeted … leadership, committee chairs, and oftentimes, people in those positions can stop or speed-bump any kind of legislation,” Wren said.

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  1. Ramya

    Since when has the will of the people been itropmant to this government in the past thirty years or so? They do what they want to do to the people regardless of what the people want. The Obama administration is the perfect example of how people have been turned into Sheeple. They know better then you do what is good for you. If you don’t believe that, just ask them. The so called Health care Bill is a good example of their knowing best.Their attitude is To hell with what you want! Unfortunately our public school system is geared to keep people uninformed and stupid. Just look at the high school drop-out rate in most large cities. Plenty of the ones who do graduate can’t even fill out a job application.


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